Utah’s Premier Indoor Action Sports Park!

Thanks for checking out Wasatch Bike and Action Sports Park! We opened our doors in September 2014, after two long years of building searches and working to get the park open.  Wasatch opened with a Pump Track and MTB Skills Room, as well as retail sales, and bike and equipment rentals. In December 2014, we opened our 11,500-square-foot Jump Room, and we’re the only park to have an airbag and resi-ramp.

By October 2015, we’ll have finished converting our MTB Skills Room to our new Street Room, complete with mini-ramp, foam pit, quarter pipes with resi (to practice flairs), rails and boxes, and more. This room will also allow skateboarders and scooter riders in the park, and should be open for use on October 13, 2015.

First Time Visitors

If you’re a first time visitor to the park, you must fill out our release waiver at one of our in-park kiosks, or online before you come ride. If you’re a minor coming with someone else, you MUST have your parent or guardian sign our online waiver, and also do the e-mail verification. We don’t want to turn you away, so sign the waiver people!

To sign our digital waiver, click the Sign Our Waiver tab in the lower right of the screen.

Some things to consider before coming to the park:

  • During the winter months, we keep the park at around 55 degrees, so plan accordingly.
  • Helmets are required when riding in the park. We will not bend on this. If you don’t have a helmet, we have some for rent or for sale.
  • We have day-use lockers for riders to use. We haven’t had any issues, but you might consider bringing a lock.
  • We have vending machines for snacks and drinks, and we also have numbers listed for food delivery options.
  • Before you come ride, please do a quick check on your bike, scooter, or skateboard to make sure everything is good to go. We have tools you can use, or we can repair it for you, but we’d rather have you having fun than fixing your ride.


Park Rules

  1. Have fun!
  2. You must check in at the front desk before riding.
  3. Helmets are required at all times while riding in the park.
  4. A signed waiver is required for all park visitors.
  5. Fighting, threats, intimidation, and foul language will not be tolerated.
  6. If a rider gets hurt, don’t move them. Notify park staff immediately!
  7. Children 12 and under must have parental supervision at all times.
  8. If you notice a loose board, or something unsafe, notify park staff immediately.
  9. Food or drinks are only allowed in designated areas.
  10. We’re not your parents. Please clean up after yourself!
  11. Please follow track direction signs.


Failure to follow these rules may get you kicked out of the park.